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Cordova Plugins

Push Plugin

The Push Plugin works together with the Unified Push Server and because of this your javascript code can be platform independent and easy to setup.

Download Push Plugin Plugin Registry View the Source aerogear-cordova-push

OTP (One-Time Password) Plugin

This plugin makes it easier to have a OTP in a secure way on Cordova. It supports QR-code reading of the secret and storing it secure on the device natively.

Download OTP Plugin Plugin Registry View the Source aerogear-cordova-otp

Crypto Plugin

Another security based plugin, because javascript by nature is less secure and crypto algorythms take a lot of power this plugin supports basic crypto functions natively.

Download Crypto Plugin Plugin Registry View the Source aerogear-cordova-crypto

Geofencing Plugin

Creating geo fences is a cool way to inform you users that he is getting close to a place of intrest, this plugin creates geo fences in a battery efficient way using platform specific api.

Download Geo Plugin Plugin Registry View the Source aerogear-cordova-geo

OAuth2 Plugin

Last but not least is our OAuth2 Plugin that lets you do OAuth2 based Authorization

Download OAuth2 Plugin Plugin Registry View the Source aerogear-cordova-oauth2


Keep an eye on our JIRA page for upcoming releases as well as what we are currently working on.


Right now iOS and Android are the supported platforms and we are working on supporting Window as well the Push Plugin already has Windows support. See JIRA for things we are working on at the moment.