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AeroGear Windows

AeroGear on Windows is still a work in progress. In Development

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Push and OAuth2 are supported as a native library using NuGet and on Cordova. We are committed to the Windows platform and will continue to make improvements.

Windows Phone SDK


Push client sdk to register with UPS and enable push notifications on windows phone Windows Phone 8 (Silverlight-based) and Windows Phone App 8.1 (WinRT-based).

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OAuth2 Client for windows phone. Taking care of:

  • account manager for multiple OAuth2 accounts
  • request access and refresh token
  • grant access through secure external browser and URI schema to re-enter app
  • (implicit or explicit) refresh tokens
  • permanent secure storage

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Push Sender

A .Net client for sending Push Notifications to the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server.

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